Hillel at Virginia Tech Passover 2020

For years our Hillel has served as a community gathering place during Passover. We have had over a thousand individuals use our center for their seders. Even remotely, this time is no different. We want to make sure you know we are here for you even from afar.


If there are any questions please email office@hillelvt.org

Coronavirus Seder Plans

Passover Kit Available  for those who are local!

Let us know you are still in the Blacksburg area and order a Passover kit. We will then coordinate a pick-up or drop off!

Online Passover Programming

Wednesday April 8:  Zeder (Zoom Seder)


Let us help match you with the right seder! Students, alumni, community members, fill out a form that allows you to preference what type of seder you want and we will match you with a potential host and group to zoom with!

Thursday April 9:  The Afikomen Hunt


Starting at 11 AM, visit our website. Find the 2 pieces of matza hiding and be entered into a raffle for an Amazon Gift card. Send the screenshots of the matza to office@hillelvt.org

Thursday April 9:  Passover Trivia


Are you ready for more than Four Questions? The programming committee is hosting Passover Trivia. Come join to catch up with some Hillel friends and learn more about what Passover really is.

Friday April 10:  The Great Debate   -

Passover vs. Easter @ 5:30 PM


Join us as we watch Jon Stewarts clip over ZOOM and discuss what Passover means in todays society before going our separate ways for Shabbat!

Tuesday April 14:  Club Penguin Afikomen Hunt @ 5:00 PM


Join us on ZOOM and enter Club Penguin with us. We will be looking for the Afikomen penguin. The first person who finds the penguin will win a $10 Amazon gift card!

Wednesday April 15:  Chocolate Zeder  @ 5:00 PM


We believe a Chocolate Zeder is the most affordable way to be a college student, enjoy some sweets, partake in a seder, and have some laughs. RSVP and we will send you a shopping list 2 days in advance.