Pipeline Project


Hillel at Virginia Tech invites all Alumni and current students to participate in our new Pipeline Project initiative!

What is the Pipeline Project: The mission for the Pipeline Project is to connect graduating students with alumni in order for them to have a personal mentor in the same career field to help them thrive in beginning their career and find comfort in their new location with a supportive Jewish community post-graduation.


​This program involves connecting current students and recent grads with Alumni professionals. Alumni members will have the option to express interest in mentoring students, guest lecturing for students, connecting with other alumni, or hosting a gathering for fellow Alumni members and/or current students. Students can explore an alumni database and request to be put in contact with specific Alumni members based on information provided including degrees, current employment, and a short bio. Initial contact will be made through Hillel to protect privacy. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at office@hillelvt.orgHillel at VT started the Pipeline Project this past August, and we have already interviewed 30 seniors, 24 alumni, and matched 10 pairs. We are so excited about this new Hillel initiative to grow and for future interns to take our place and have the incredible opportunity of growing connections between students and alumni.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the appropriate form below.