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Borders, Waterfalls, and Jeeps Oh My! Day 9

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Today we visited the Golan heights and the border between Israel, Lebanon and Syria. It was sad to me that those countries don’t accept Israel as a country and will not make a peace agreement and I hope their war ends soon. 

We then walked along the Jordan river and saw a waterfall that had formed around the border. The area was beautiful and it was so much fun to hike around the mountainous region. 

We then went on a Jeep ride through the Golan heights, stopping by the Jordan river to talk more about the 6 day war that helped to form the borders of Israel. There were also a lot of cows in the area which is not very important but I love seeing cows because they are beautiful majestic beasts.

After that we returned to celebrate Shabbat at the hotel and listened to Morty talk about his family's journey from Ethiopia to Israel. It’s sad that it took close to 10 years for his family to come here, but it’s also amazing how much perseverance they had to move here and to become Israelis.

- Maddie Pels

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