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Day 3: Jerusalem and the Old City

Day Jan 3 ~

Started the day in the old city of Jerusalem. Prayed and put a note in the wall. I learned that after praying it is respectful to face the wall while backing away. It was an incredible experience.

Went to Machane Yehuda Market (shuk)where we ate and shopped. I had Sabich from אריכא םביח which was a falafel wrap filled with egg plant spices tomatoes and cucumber. Absolutely incredible! It needs to come to America 😍 then we ate baklava, knafen and gelato ♥

Caitlyn Harper

Today we rode camels in the Judea desert. The camels were surprisingly friendly besides the occasional grunt. After we hiked Masada and learned about it's history. We finished with a fun afternoon in the dead sea.

-Ayden Cohn

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