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Day 4: Jerusalem and the Old City

Today we explored the enchanting city of Jerusalem, both old and new. In Old Jerusalem, our time was spent in the Jewish quarter walking around, understanding what life might have been like during ancient Jerusalem's height, and of course seeing the temple. After watching a quick video describing the state of the second temple, we were able to walk among the ruins, and visit the holy site of the western wall. Afterwards, we headed to the bustling markets of new Jerusalem to have lunch and shop around.

-Elijah Gendron

So. The Old City and the crazy market. That's what we did, but that's not what I saw. I saw today what it means to be Jewish. The people are a community, not defined by anything other than what they choose (ie whether religion, tradition, etc etc). I like the level of acceptance here, it very much surprised me. Wow. I live Israel.

-Rebekah Laferney

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