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Day 5 : Last Day at the House

This week has been a great blessing to have the opportunity to work on Leon and Tondas house. During free time, I have also loved to get to see the culture all around New Orleans including Bourbon Street, Frenchman Street, and a few parts of the downtown area. Each of the places we have visited have definitely had their own, unique attraction, but the whole city in general just has a really cool vibe and feeling. Coming from a music background, I had a great time seeing some live music at night, and one member in our group was actually approached by a musician and played some washboard. After dinner today, we had dessert at the famous Café Du Monde where the beignets were simply delicious with the loads of powered sugar that they dump on top.


By talking to a few of our uber drivers and others from around the city, I have heard some first person perspectives of people who went through Hurricane Katrina and the devastating effects of it throughout the whole city. I can't even begin to imagine what it was like to experience such a catastrophe. I knew that the hurricane had of course been really bad, but after hearing how they described it, I understood it a little bit more. That is why I am so glad to be working and volunteering here and getting to serve some families and communities in New Orleans. 

- James Whitacre

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