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Ecuador Extravaganza: Dia Uno

Today we started the morning with a great breakfast at our hostel. Then we set off for Quito to meet up with our guide, Gustavo. Gustavo took us to the Ecuasol, an after school care for the children of the area. This was a really poor area and the kids go there after their schooling ends. It was really fun to interact and play with these kids! We played soccer, rock-paper-scissors, and other new yards games! We also got to meet a few volunteers from France who will be volunteering with the kids for a whole year. It was a really fun time!

By: Alison Waldman

After we left the school, we stopped by a shopping mall and it was pretty interesting to see the different stores in Quito. For the evening, we went to Shabbat dinner at the synagogue in Quito. We got to experience an orthodox Shabbat service which was a pretty cool experience. The Shabbat dinner was really good and the views from the synagogue were amazing!

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