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NOLA ASB 2017: Day 8

Sitting on this 14 hour bus ride made me reflect on the unforgettable memories I

have created. Starting with day 1. Even though none of us knew anyone, we still somehow acted like we knew each other forever by singing acapella on the bus. On day 2, we started getting to work right away with Rebuilding Together. We had rigorous work, that was very rewarding in the end. Through painful laughs, being stuck in the “dungeon” and playing intense 20 questions games, we helped an incredibly grateful homeowner. Through the night I was able to get yummy beignets. I went to Café de Monde three times and I have no regrets! I was also able to tour the beautiful city and hear horrifying ghost stories. As the week quickly flew by, we reached Friday where we worked with Green Light. It gave me an amazing opportunity to reach out to the New Orleans Community even more and talk to

other homeowners. Yesterday was one of the greatest days of my life. New Orleans

parades definitely reached the expectations I have always had. As we all go home to our regular routine, I hope to spread the experiences I have learned to others and continue to help communities around the country. The family I have created and New Orleans will be

By: Kiera Coyne


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