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Student Spotlight: Jackie Abramson


ackie leads her social justice team by demonstration, from getting down and dirty in New Orleans, bringing families out of Katrina poverty and destruction to scheduling semester visits to The Crossings Assisted Living Facility. From the New River Valley community and beyond, Jackie is naturally humbled to always and strategically help those in need. Her down-to-earth demeanor genuinely lets those in need know that she is there to understand, empathize and help in whatever way is needed. Jackie is empathetic and can sense other people’s feelings by imagining herself in others’ lives or situations. Jackie seeks peace and pursues it ­– in herself, in others and around the world. She is able to bring groups together and revitalize organizations as a team. Her positive outlook, sense of personal responsibility and passion for social justice, strategic vision, causes, and willingness to share her skills are all reasons why Jackie demonstrations Ut Prosm as a way of life.

"I think you could say - it’s a lot of small actions that inspire and motivate Jackie and others to live a life of UT PROSIM.  She doesn’t just talk the talk but lives and inspires others to live it." - One of Jackie's peers. 

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