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Building the Jewish Future

Hillel at Virginia Tech Board of Directors

Hillel at Virginia Tech Board of Directors is seeking individuals with a strong commitment to cultivating Judaism at Virginia Tech to join us in leading our organization into the future.


Do you know an outstanding Jewish Leader?  Nominate them for a position on the Hillel at Virginia Tech Board of Directors. Nominations will be accepted through March 31st, 2024

The Board of Directors is proud to represent thousands of Hokies across the globe. Together, we strive to give back to the organization to further the reach and reputation of Hillel at Virginia Tech. We are advocates, volunteers, and donors, and we realize the awesome responsibility and role we have in being ambassadors for Hillel at Virginia Tech --- to help create a brighter future for our beloved organization.  


Our Board of Directors is a non-profit board with the responsibility of directing Hillel at Virginia Tech. The Board represents the interests of all of our Hokies -- students, alumni, parents, community members -- by reviewing and providing a strategy for the organization. We focus on engaging our alumni, investing in our students, strengthening our university, and partnering with others to create a lasting and meaningful Hillel Hokies experience beyond one's time on campus. 

Comprised of individuals who are passionate about perpetuating Jewish life at Virginia Tech, we volunteer, provide career guidance for students, and give back to Hillel with our time, talent, treasure, and testimony. 

Board Commitments
  • Actively participate in 4 all-board meetings a year (3 virtual & 1 in-person, subject to a virtual meeting based on different variables)

  • Participate in monthly conference calls and ad-hoc committees

  • Serve on board committees to support the vision of our strategic plan and execution of the strategic plan

  • Serve as ambassadors and advocates for Hillel at Virginia Tech and Jewish students at Virginia Tech

  • Financially support Hillel at Virginia Tech

  • Passionate about Jewish Students, Hillel at Virginia Tech, & Virginia Tech

  • General awareness and understanding of Hillel at Virginia Tech and strategic initiatives

  • Willingness to participate in the Hillel at Virginia Tech annual fund and encourage philanthropy within their Jewish communities

  • Demonstrated volunteer leadership, collaboration, initiatives, and follow-through

  • Relevant Hillel or other organization board/committee/volunteer experience (for-profit/nonprofit)

  • Be devoted to advancing the organization's work, including its mission, vision, and values

  • Able to analyze and ask questions at a strategic level; provide and seek constructive feedback; exhibit active listening skills

  • Ability and willingness to seek and gain consensus; consider different viewpoints and perspectives

Webinar Dates


Individuals interested in serving on the Hillel at Virginia Tech Board of Directors must attend one of our webinars to learn more about the board and the roles of board members. The available dates and times will be posted later this year.


 If you have questions concerning nominations contact Hillel at Virginia Tech at

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