Parent(s) Circle

Join Hillel at VT's Parent(s) Circle!

Parents Circle members play a vital role in providing a transformative Jewish community for their child and all Jewish students at Tech.
You Receive:
Your Hokie Receives:
  • Personal thank you call
  • 2 newsletters per semester
  • Invites to Parents & Family Weekend events
  • Regular photos of Hillel Hokies in action
  • A copy of our annual report
  • Priority access to matzah ball soup hotline
  • Access to weekly lunch & learn
  • Personal phone call from Hillel staff/student inviting to upcoming programs
Parents Committee

As a Hokie parent, the University invites you to join Parents Committee, and you can select half of your $5,000 to support Hillel. We value the University as a partner with you.

Our goal: 4 Parents Committee members would sponsor the first week of programs!

  • Below +

  • Parents Committee Access, Connect with VP for Student Affairs & Senior Leadership

Visionary Circle

Your gift sponsors 1 shabbat with 50-75 students on average.

Our Goal: 5 Visionaries would fund the first five shabbats this fall, that's over 500 Hokie meals!

  • Below +

  • Full shabbat sponsor dedicated in your name with recognition

Mensch Circle

Your gift sponsors Jewish learning for 20 students for a year.

Our Goal: 15 Mensches would sponsor a year of Jewish education programs around holidays like Sukkot, Chanukah, & Purim.

  • Below +

  • Call from Executive Director

  • Mensch Status

Mitzvah Circle
$540 or $45/mo

Your gift supports our Jewish leadership program with over 30 leaders.

Our Goal: 15 Mitzvah makers allows 10 student leaders to participate in national Jewish professional or Israel-focused experiences.

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  • Includes 1 year Monday Munch

  • Parking at Hillel Center

Proud Circle
$360 or $30/mo

Your gift enables student interns to meet peers over coffee to engage new students.

Our Goal: 25 Proud parents would sponsor 7 student interns partaking in Jewish learning, community organizing, and individual student relationships.

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  • High Holiday Programming Admission

Sustainer Circle
$180 or $15/mo

Your gift sponsors a one time student program for 10 students.

Our Goal: 32 Sustainers would support a year's worth of our weekly lunch & learn programming.

  • 1 Year Monday Munch

  • Priority Access Chicken Soup Hotline