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"It is a question of pleasures, it is not a question of organizations or calculations. If I had the pleasure to do this, then I will put time aside to do this. It is personal freedom. If you are limited, then you miss the freedom. And I- I would like to be fluid. I would like to be free as a bird and fly everywhere."

-Liviu Librescu, 2005

Liviu Librescu was a Virginia Tech professor who survived the Holocaust but tragically lost his life during the 4/16 Shooting.  A section of 'The Pit' will be dedicated to honor those lives lost.  We will continue to follow the Hebrew saying 'l'dor vador', meaning generation to generation, as we pass our traditions down.

“The Pit' is the newest addition to the Malcolm Rosenberg Hillel Center. As we continue to profoundly grow in more ways than one, we welcome new students' stories, backgrounds and intricacies. Hillel at Virginia Tech continues to educate and learn about ourselves, others and our world. What better way to welcome and cement these stories than over a bonfire in an amphitheater made by you! Each memory, name and story will be engraved in each brick surrounding the "pit" or bonfire.  These stones are so much more than just poured cement, but a meaningful mark in the Jewish journey of past, present and future Hillel at Virginia Tech students.

Below outlines the different brick options:

Brick #1: $5,000

  • 9" x 9"

  • 6 lines of 18 characters

Brick #2: $1,000

  • 9" x 4.5"

  • 3 lines of 18 characters

Brick #3: $36 per month for 1 year

  • 4.5" x 4.5"

  • 3 lines of 9 characters

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