Commonwealth Kiddush Cup

The Commonwealth Kiddush Cup (CWKC), our annual fundraiser event held since 2013, is back and we are ready for another win! Each year VT alumni compete against UVA alumni to raise the most funds for their Hillel.


The fundraiser lasts for ~2 weeks and gains competitive spirit each passing day. It provides an opportunity for alumni to support the programs they loved at their Hillel while taking pride in BEATING the opposing team and rekindling Hillel relationships. The losing team's Executive Director must prance around in the winning team's school swag - Ah!

If you have any questions or need help donating, contact or

The Rules:

  • Only parents of young alumni, young alumni, and current students from are eligible to have their donations counted toward winning points. Eligible class years for young alum are 2001-2023.

  • Are you both a first-time donor and an undergraduate student? Good news - your donation counts toward winning a point in both categories! 

  • A Satellite Event is your space to feel the Hillel community wherever you're currently living! Any gathering of at least 3 VT Hillel young alumni in the same physical location counts as a satellite event. Each alum can only count for ONE satellite event. Each Satellite event must submit a photo to help your team win the points! 


The Points:  Points go to the school with the...

  • Highest total amount of money raised (3 points)

  • Most individual overall donors (2 points)​

  • Most Alumni Satellite Events from 11/18 to 12/1 (2 points)

  • Most undergraduates who donate (1 point)​

  • Most first time donors (1 point)

  • Most donations from Class of 2019 alum (1 point)

  • Most money raised by parents of young alum (1 point)

  • Most number of gifts over $1,000 (1 point)

  • Most alum who sign up to give $10+ monthly (1 point)

  • Alum who recruits the most people to donate (see 'Did someone ask you to give?' in the giving form) (1 point)

  • Winner of 11-29 Tech/UVa football game (1 point)