Commonwealth Kiddush Cup

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The Eighth Annual Commonwealth Kiddush Cup:

November 16th - December 16th 2020

The Commonwealth Kiddush Cup (CWKC), our annual fundraiser event held since 2013, is back and we are ready for another win! Each year VT and UVA alumni raise funds for their Hillel.

What is the Commonwealth Kiddish Cup?

The fundraiser lasts for ~4 weeks and gains competitive spirit each passing day. The competition is broken down by 12 categories, each subitem has a weight between 1 - 3 points - totaling 15 points. The Hillel with the most points at the end of the fundraiser receives a trophy and the losing team's Executive Director must prance around in the winning team's school swag - Ah! CWKC provides an opportunity for alumni to support the programs they loved at their Hillel while taking pride in competing with their rival and rekindling Hillel relationships. Recently, undergraduates have entered the competition with their own line to have the most undergradutes who donate.

How is this year different?

We are still raising funds and competing with UVA yet we want to pause for a moment and recognize that this year is different with the pandemic. Satelitte events should only be taking place if you and other alumni are part of the same pod. Our students are overwhelmed by isolation, lack of a true collegiate experience and are facing anixiety and stress. With that in mind part of the funds raised through this will go directly wellness programming. Your contributions will provide the opportunity to shift our priorities towards making our student lounge into a Wellness Center while the world fights this pandemic.

How are the CWKC points broken down? (15 points total)

This year's point system has changed from previous years so take a look!

  • Highest total amount of money raised (3 points)
  • Most individual overall donors (2 points)
  • Most VIRTUAL Alumni Satellite Events from 11/16/2020 to 12/16/2020 (1 point)
  • Most Hannukah themed photos (1 point) -->NEW!
  • Most undergraduates who donate (1 point)
  • Most first time donors (1 point)
  • Most donations from Class of 2020 alumni (1 point)
  • Most money raised by parents of young alumni (1 point)
  • Most number of gifts over $1,000 (1 point)
  • Most alumni who sign up to give $10+ (1 point)
  • Most alumni who sign up for a workplace match (1 point) --> NEW!
  • Winner of 12/12/2020 VT vs. UVA football game (1 point)

Who won last year?

UVA won last year after the surprising upset by UVA in the annual Commonwealth Cup football game. UVA won 8-7 in the point categories and we are thankful for those who participated as we raised a record breaking $52,486.07 from 278 individual donors. We hope to beat these records this year!

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Satellite Events

Participating in virtual events

Remember, joining satellite events count for a point. Alumni are invited to attend our virtual Q & A with John Mulaney on November 17th! For more information click on the link below. If you need help setting up zoom calls with friends email

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Shifting towards wellness

More than ever students are feeling anxious and isolated so we made a commitment to change that. We just launched a partnership with Jewish Family Services - Richmond to provide telehealth counseling to our students facing mental health crises and lonliness. 

Hillel Pipeline

Pipeline Initiative

This year we launched a new initiative called "Pipeline". With the help of our Ambassador Pipeline and Interns we are bridging the connection between students and their future Jewish connections in areas like NOVA, Richmond, and Washington D.C. Read more about being a mentor below