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Hillel at Virginia Tech's Reading of the Names: Holocaust Remembrance Day

On April 18th, through our annual Reading of the Names Holocaust Awareness event, Hillel at Virginia Tech students and community volunteers read through 5,624 names out of the 12 million that lost their lives in the Holocaust. This event took place on Virginia Tech's Drillfield and reading happened between 9am-5pm.

Students passed out 1,250 white roses in honor of the White Rose Society, a non-violent resistance group consisting of college students and their philosophy professor from the University of Münich.

A huge thank you to our readers this year: Kathy Carpenter, Abbi Allen, Charlotte Haber, Gabe Press, Adam Bauer, Linda Eaton, Eitan Myers, JillAnn Knonenborg, Vivian Cohen, Shayna Richman, Briana Schwam, Nicolas Spring, Noah Fenster, Henry Driesen, Simona Fried, Amir Gazar, Gustave Miller, Harris Edenbaum, Kylie Gerrety, Ruth Grene, Anthony Cate, Alex White, Tal Kalderon, Gary Long, Ellington Graves, Danny Spatz, Rachel Apple, Elliot Kroll, Leo Jasper, Becky Fritz-Solomon, and Robert Solomon.

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