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Birthright Israel is back ~ Summer 2021 Part 2

We are halfway through our trip in Israel with Bus 1734. Here are some more reflections from our participants! Yalla!

This experience is pretty groovy. I felt connected to our history at the western wall. As well as when walking around the market together with the people around me. I feel like I'm where I'm meant to be.

-Sebastian Scharovsky

This trip has been amazing so far. It has connected me more to my religion and my ancestors. My favorite things that we have done is stargazing in the desert and going to the western wall. I would recommend this trip to all young Jewish adults.

-Olivia Cole

I was fascinated by the Dead Sea as it is one of the most unique places on Earth. Driving by and seeing the salt formations and the sinkholes that closed down one of the few beach access points was awesome. I have enjoyed everything so far, but the Masada hike and the Dead Sea activities stood out as my favorite day.

-Ethan Rozencwaig

I was really excited to come here and experience more Israeli culture. I enjoyed riding the camels in the Negev the best. Sleeping in the tents under the stars was really exciting, as is making Israel friends our age!

-Sydney Morse

I really appreciate this trip because I felt like I was able to have experience to connect to my Jewish roots. I also really enjoyed being able to meet people who share a common ancestry with me. I think this experience was very valuable because I got to learn about Israeli culture and history.

-Hannah Kosoff

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