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Birthright Israel is back ~ Summer 2021 Part 3

Here's our last post for this trip. The students, soldiers, and staff had so much fun. We cannot wait for the winter trip!! YALLA

I am here to connect deeper with my religion… I grew up in a very Christian neighborhood and have largely felt disconnected from Judaism. This trip not only allowed me to meet other Jewish friends but has opened my eyes up to the multiple interpretations of Judaism and what it can be. I felt most connected in the desert when we were given time to reflect. - Carly Payne

It's been a very special trip because it's has been an opportunity to connect to young Jews around my age!!! It's been also very cool to visit a place with such history and culture. I didn't really come j to this trip with many expectations, but nonetheless, it's been a very special experience. - William Wiener

I’ve really enjoyed my time so far in Israel. I feel like I’ve connected more with my Jewish side and I am excited to come back to the US with what I’ve learned and have seen. 10/10 would recommend. - Gabby Katz

I really enjoyed stargazing at the Bedouin tent! It was so peaceful to be in nature. Such a great opportunity to reflect on the trip and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Israel.

-Maddy Carter

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