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Day 2: Masada/Dead Sea

My favorite part of our day in Israel was going to the Dead Sea. It was a fun vibe since it was winter and we got to be in our swimsuits and feel the sun. We all got to bond more floating in the water and they had a dj playing music which made it more fun. We also wrote on each other with mud which was fun considering I would normally not want to put mud on my body. We also got pineapple smoothies that were delicious and made it feel like a perfect summer day.

- Jill Maisel

One click to freeze time, shutter speed 60, apathetic 15. Freezing the rocks miles below. I love them. Unlike Herod, unlike the archeologists of the 1960s, unlike myself they remain unchanged in the face of all happening in the Mesa above. They do what we as organic matter can only dream of— they defy time— lasting millennia. In the face of such fortitude, such strength, and such stillness all I can do is gently press down on a silver dome sized disk and— click— freeze the moment.

-Oliver Bates

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