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Day 3: Dat Dog and Spoons

Today we worked at the site, building the halfway portion of the accessibility ramp in the residents backyard, we replaced and painted many of the siding boards, and all took part in sledgehammering away a large portion of concrete. During lunch, we examined and discussed a political cartoon about the socio-economic status that people are dealt with when they are born. We all had fun to see how our strengths

stack up to the other people on the trip. When we came back to the hostel we had a conversation led by Noah (our student leader) to discuss privilege and “invisible” illnesses that relate to disparities we are dealt in life by reading a passage about a woman who has Lupus. We connected as a group and got closer as a whole by learning about the many struggles we or our family members go through in life. While working at the site, I really related with the owner of the house as she said that she stayed in Virginia, in a town close to where I live, while her house was being rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina. It was also interesting to learn more about the Americorp volunteer’s lives and why they decided to devote their time at the moment to helping out people across the country.

- Rose Freeman

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