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The Pipeline Project's How Do You Jew? - Jackie Polis, Class of 2016

Jackie Polis graduated from Virginia Tech in 2016 with a Bachelors of Science in Marketing. When she arrived on campus, Jackie was greeted with Challah bread from Hillel and got involved with our community as a freshman because one of her family friends, Anna Isserow, was the President of the Student Board at the time. Later on, Jackie would serve as the Vice President of Marketing and Outreach on the Hillel Student Board. Her involvement didn’t stop at just the Student Board though!

Jackie describes her career as someone “who smiles for a living” with Delicato Family Wine! For our fourth episode of “How Do You Jew?”, learn about Jackie’s transition from a student to her professional career, what she has been up to, and some of her favorite Hillel at Virginia Tech moments.

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