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Watching 2018 Float Away like the Dead Sea: Day 6

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Today was a very adventure packed day which began with a beautiful adventure to the Dead Sea. Despite getting some salt in my eyes (which was very painful) I enjoyed being able to float on the surface effortlessly. As we covered ourselves in the dead sea mud we were able to enjoy the incredible view of the JordanIan mountains. Following the Dead Sea we made the climb to the top of Masada which isn’t so far from the Dwas Sea. As we witnessed the breathtaking scenery we learned about yet another story on the always resilient jews who met their fateful end on the top of Masada. We ended the day with a beautiful sunset across the mountain range in the desert. After Masada we visited the bedouin tents and met with a few people who live there. He talked about the intriguing customs and traditions of his people. Today was definitely one of my favorite trips during birthright thus far.

- Aaron Waldman

Shekels running low, general health deteriorating, but spirits running high: 

One of our later wakeup times on the trip left us slightly energized after a night out for a tour of the most openly gay part of the Middle East-the streets of Tel Aviv. These streets contrasted heavily with most parts of Israel we had seen to this point, with a very noticeable whiff of liberal in the air. The middle point of our journey towards northern Israel involved a lunch stop at a random mall, resembling a cross between a rest stop and an outlet mall. We then found ourselves in a completely different climate, touring the narrow, stone-built alleys of Tzfat, and hearing the stories of the historical significance of the city. After a passionately spiritual talk from a man who studies deeply into the Kabbalah, we ate some more Israeli hotel fare and hung out with friends until we couldn’t stay awake. Another day in Israel down! 

- Elliot Figa

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