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Day 1: Desert Foods and Cities

We went to the salad trail and learned about how people are able to grow food in the desert. We got to taste different types of tomatoes, strawberries, herbs, and carrots. They also showed us a rocket that was recovered after being shot from Gaza and art work that had been made from other rockets. We also learned about how carrier pigeons were used by Israeli settlers to let the government know if they spotted enemy soldiers in the area.

-Adam Aronstein

Today we went to the salad trail, which shows people the types of crops grown in Southern Israel and the techniques used to grow crops in the desert. We were able to pick and try many different varieties of Cherry tomatoes( an Israeli invention) and herbs, as well as cucumbers, strawberries, and carrots straight from the greenhouses and fields. The tour was really interesting, especi

ally seeing the inventions that have occurred for successful farming in a place that was devoid of life 70 years ago like coconut shell soil, and the food was delicious.

-Dan Asif

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