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Arriving in Israel and our Mifgash! #JustJewIt #Bus1497

We arrived early to Ben Gurion airport at 12PM! After arriving we were unpleasantly greeted with a long wait through customs. After everyone was through and had retrieved their luggage we met our welcoming Israeli soldiers! They greeted us much nicer than the customs agents! They came bearing yummy treats for us to eat! After giving them their name tags, we headed to the bus. On the bus, they were incredibly friendly and made the effort to talk to us! One IDF soldier’s names is Chen and she talked about how she only has

By: Cassie Kinneberg

one month left in the IDF, and after she wants to attend a university to study psychology. They are eager to get to know us and we are excited to learn about them! All of the soldiers are excited to share about their lives with us and give us insight into what a life in Israel is like. Their friendly personalities and positive welcoming attitudes will be a great asset to making this trip such a wonderful experience for every student on bus 1497!!

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