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ASB New Orleans: Day 1 - Nostalgia, Good Memories, and Opportunities!

Today was the first day of our week long trip to New Orleans as we embarked on the 13 hour car ride from Virginia Tech. As a student who has now enjoyed this alternative spring break for three years in a row, today expressed to me many doses of nostalgia, good memories, and opportunities for comparisons and contrasts. For example, this year was the first year we made the trip in a van as opposed to a bus, which made the venture more intimate and most likely will continue to bond us throughout the week. It was also overwhelmingly nostalgic for me to enter the United Saints Recovery Project Church once we arrived, and see the familiar sights and faces that I have so appreciated over the years. I also was amazed that we actually get to stay in the very same hostel I stayed in during my first trip to New Orleans, which to me feels like my years of lovely alternative spring breaks here have come full circle. I’m so excited to see what the rest of the week holds, especially getting started at the work site tomorrow! I’m so grateful to be here for a third year and am happy I can experience New Orleans one last time in my college years!

- Lindsey Barszcz

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