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NOLA ASB 2022 - Day 6: Taking a Chance

Today was the Irish Channel Parade, which was the best way to end this week in New Orleans. After a week of labor and giving our time to the community, a day of watching parades and throwing cabbage is the way to wind down. As the hours of the day turn to night, I reflect on the week I experienced with Hillel. I am not Jewish so this was my first real interaction with the group, who I had met for the first time a week prior. I wouldn’t have traded this opportunity for anything. Not only was I able to do something besides study for exams all day, but I was able to put my time to use by building houses and helping the community of New Orleans. Doing these things and forging new friendships inspire me to continue to help my community back home, learn how I can help the most, and take these random, out of the blue chances. You never know where they may take you or the people you’ll meet along the way. - Connor Smith, Class of 2023

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