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Be'er Sheva Community Tour #JustJewIt #Bus1497

By: Molly Hamilton

Yesterday we went to Be'er Sheva where we got to tour around the city with Gabe and get to learn more about Jewish and Israeli culture. We learned that to the Israeli people, one of the biggest problems they face is socioeconomic issues, which is something that  I believe many people, including myself, are oblivious to. We learned the city is vibrant and upcoming with many delicious restaurants. The university is also located in Be'er Sheva which has many programs that help the students to work with the people living in the community. We also had the privilege of having local students there with us so we could ask them any questions we had. It was really amazing to see another side of Israel that not many people get the opportunity to be exposed to. Be'er Sheva was an amazing and different experience we are all so thankful to have been able to experience and learn about.

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