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Ecuador Extravaganza: Dia Siete

Here is a little haiku to start us off:

Hot springs in the valley

The water was renewing

Balance in the world

By: Elianna Gerb

After saying goodbye to our host families, we headed to the town of Cotacachi famous for its leather goods. We shopped and gathered snacks for the rest of our journey to Sachayacu hot springs. Further along on the drive we stopped at the equator moment and got a brief history lesson on the historical significance of sundials and the geographical reference points that make Ecuador unique.

When we finally arrived at the hot springs, we were shown our cloud forest bungalows each of which was outfitted with a full glass wall and private balcony for enjoying the nature. We enjoyed a lunch of grilled trout and set off to explore and enjoy the hot springs. In the evening we reflected on the service element of our trip and enjoyed a hot beverage called canelazo made from cinnamon, cloves, pineapple, and naranjilla. We settled into bed early preparing for the busy day to come.

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