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Mt. Herzl Visit #JustJewIt #Bus1497

By: Reuben Levin

A pensive silence rose across the air as we reached the first grave stones. It was as if everyone knew how we were supposed to feel, but no one could voice their emotions. From the old City in Jerusalem, to the Western Wall, culminating with the Mount Herzel memorial, it was a day full of affective depth. Seeing such history, such sadness, and yet, such enlightenment was truly mesmerizing. Mount Herzel is a place of grief, yet it is also a place of wonder. Could something have gone differently? What if it had been me? How would my life be different? Questions similar to these plagued everyone's minds as we silently listened to the stories of fallen Israeli soldiers. Such national pride shown through the ultimate sacrifice has moved us all. It made us think about our own lives, and reflect back to our own choices that drove us to be the person we are today. For me, it led me to think back on my own choices, my own decisions to serve, and the pride I feel because of that. It was an opportunity for everyone to reflect, to refresh, and to remember.

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