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N'Awlins 2018! Day 5

Today was a bittersweet day. We spent our last day working with Rebuilding Together, working towards repairing a New Orleans residents home. During the work day we interacted and learned more about the staff on the sites call to service. We also had the opportunity to interact with the home owner and learn about her attitudes and beliefs toward the events associated with Hurricane Katrina. This was an eye opening experience to get the view points on several people on what happened and how to improve for the future. When we arrived back at the hostel we had a meeting with someone from the Fair Housing Act Center, in which we learned about housing

practices around the country and in New Orleans. These presentation helped us to learn more about the practices that some people took in post-Katrina New Orleans. We ended the night by having beignets coated in mountains of powdered sugar at the historic Cafe du Monde. Then we explored the beautiful French Quarter. All in all, today was a really moving day with a lot of light shed on some unfamiliar topics and it ended on a sweet note.

By Spencer Thrope

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