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NOLA ASB 2017: Day 1

The first day was an early start, waking up at 4:00 am is pretty difficult for anybody to accomplish, especially a college student. Even though this wasn’t my first time to the Big Easy I was still excited because this trip is the exact opposite of my first time down in New Orleans. Going in I knew this would be a bit of a culture shock. For comparison’s sake the first time I came down to NOLA was with my family for my cousin’s graduation from Tulane, whereas the purpose of this trip was to repair houses in the local community. Last time I was here I stayed at the Ritz Carlton on Canal St., this time we’re staying in a hostel in Central City.

By: Henry Hazel

Nothing exciting happened on the bus ride there besides sleeping my way through the South. After we arrived and got settled in we treated ourselves to some fine New Orleans cuisine and set off to explore the city. We broke off into groups, each with different goals for the evening. My group decided to walk down Bourbon Street and get a feel for where we were. After some time browsing the shops and making some purchases we decided to make a late night trip to the world famous Café Du Monde to get a bite of beignets. They were amazing even at 11:30 at night! After peeling ourselves away we decided to hop on the trolley and call it a night, after getting a crash course in the New Orleans trolley system. Even though I’ve only been in town for less than a day I am excited for the week to come.

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