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NOLA ASB 2017: Day 3

The third day of our trip has come to a close. The house has come a long way in the short time we've been working on it. Today, we divided and conquered the work; some people finished the brutal task of scraping led paint, others finished glazing the windows, and I scrubbed the house. After lunch, I got to paint! Painting was rewarding and relaxing after intense scraping and scrubbing. 


By: Allison DeSantis

Tonight, we took a ghost tour of the French Quarter where we listened to spooky stories of murders that took place in The French Quarter and the ghosts that supposedly haunt the buildings today. 

     One of my favorite stories was about a murder of children that took place in the building that's now a hotel. One couple stayed in the hotel and a number of creepy things happened. First, the couple tried to watch tv in the hotel room and every time they would flip to their desired channel, the tv would switch to Cartoon Network. They figured it was just a problem with the tv and enjoyed the rest of their trip. The couple got really concerned when they got their film developed after the trip and saw that their pictures contained shots of them sleeping taken from a couple feet above them at night.  Other couples who stayed in the hotel after them also discovered pictures on their cameras that they didn't take. I don't totally believe in ghosts, but this ghost tour definitely made me more wary of the spirits!

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