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NOLA ASB 2017: Day 4

Today we scrapped, scrubbed, and painted the house. We have shifted our efforts to the other side and back of the house. When I say “we were painting,” I am referring to us applying the first layer of primer. The first few days when were strictly scrapping, it was very loud and exhausting work. Because of this, we pretty much focused on our work. But today when we started painting it was a quitter and more relaxing job, so we started playing games as we painted. Our favorite of these games was 20 questions, this made the time go by a lot faster.

By: Hollis Hatfield

For lunch, the women whose house we were repairing, fixed us lunch. She made us turkey and ham sandwiches, gave us a bag of chips, prepared a bowl of fruit, and had a cooler filled with cold drinks. It was awesome seeing how grateful she was for our work. I have volunteered repairing homes before but never in these experiences have I met a homeowner so energetic and thankful!

After dinner Niki led a reflection about privilege. I think we all left this conversation feeling thankful but also aware of our advantages. We got on the bus and drove to Café Du Monde after the reflection. Our bus driver, Anthony, joined us.

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