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NOLA ASB 2017: Day 5


Today was our fourth full day in New Orleans. I have enjoyed the city so far. Everybody is super friendly and the city has one of the best cultural vibes that I have ever experienced.

The service work that we do is nice. I always enjoy building houses and I like the family. They give me the motivation to give 100% effort even though I am doing this for volunteering purposes only. Sometimes, I feel bad for their dog but I can understand the circumstances that they are living in.

We went on a ghost tour of the French Quarter a couple nights ago. Compared to some of the other haunted tours that I have been on, I thought that it was pretty average. The stories were creepy and the atmosphere was perfect for the event, but simply was not that effective on my mind.

The city has an incredible music scene. Last night, we went to few local bars to see some blues bands. They were fantastic. Some of the street performers were pretty cool too.

It's been real,

By: Ben Cohn


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