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NOLA ASB 2020 - Lower Ninth Ward

Today we continued to work on the site making measurements for the concrete project. It felt amazing to see the progress we made at Miss Ann’s house in just a few days. We visited the Lower Ninth Ward, which was an area of NOLA that had the worst damage from Hurricane Katrina. We saw the Lower Ninth Ward Living Museum and I was shocked to learn that the majority of damage from Katrina was caused by engineering failures and slow assistance from federal entities. Learning about how the hurricane-impacted virtually every aspect of the life of New Orleans residents was overwhelming and humbling. We then saw what financial gain looks likes over wetlands health as we visited a part of the Bayou.

The Bayou was filled with saltwater marsh rather than what used to be full of swamp and trees. After visiting the Lower Ninth we stopped by Melba's, a Po-Boy shop in the Upper Ninth on the way back to United Saints. - Rose Freeman, class of 2022

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