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Summer '18: Birthright Day 4

Today, we dove into the heating topic of middle eastern geopolitics. Joey, from the university in Zefat, highlighted the shift in land ownership in respect to the Jews and surrounding groups and countries. Coming from someone like me that doesn't know much about geopolitics, the event was enlightening. Afterwards, we visited one of the local churches, and then we hit the streets of Zefat. The narrow street was surrounded by buildings on both sides and featured a bizarr of small shops. Towards the end of the road, you can find a renown candle shop. It was nice to have free time and roam around in the shops. Ryan Monaco touched up on his haggling skills and snagged a good deal on a wall ornament. Many people bought jewelry for themselves or loved ones. Following Zefat, we visited the beloved city of Haifa.

By: Joseph D'Anna

We passed the gardens in Haifa which overlooked the whole city. If you looked beyond the city, you can see the beautiful crescent shaped shore line encompassing the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean. What a sight it was to see. Our walk led us to a mosque where we learned about Muslim prayers, fasting, and misconceptions thereof. We talked about the controversies between Judaism and Islam that intrigued us all. All in all, Sunday in Israel allowed us to explore two new cities and provide a deeper understanding of the religion, both Jewish and Islam.

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