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Tel Aviv Night Life #JustJewIt #Bus1497

By: Meryl Hollender

Yesterday we celebrated New Years in Tel Aviv. We went out and explored Rothschild Boulevard. This was a great experience to see some of the night life in the area and we all had a great time ringing in the new year together as a group. This was a great first night out in Israel, we were able to connect ith Israeli youth and see some of the nightlife in Tel Aviv. We went to a club called Hapassaz. Along with my fellow birthrighters, we danced all night to some traditional, American pop music. I had a great time hanging out and dancing the night away. After ringing in the new year, our Israeli soldiers told us that New Years Eve is not the most accurate representation of typical night out in Tel Aviv because people from all around Israel come into the vibrant city for the new year. I hope to one day explore more of the Tel Aviv night life, but for now I'm excited to explore the night life in Jerusalem!

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