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Visiting an IDF Air Force Base #JustJewIt #Bus1497

We stood in a circle around the aircraft straining to hear the IAF pilot describe his state of the art aircraft over the roar of the jet engines nearby. It was an awesome opportunity to get to visit the IAF base. Personally, as a pilot, I enjoyed every second of looking at the fighter jets and learning about the training process for the Air Force pilots. Whether they are motivated by their love of flying or their desire to protect their country, they put in years of training and hard work to achieve operational status.

From our visit to the IA

By: Ben Judelson

F base as well as talking with the soldiers on our trip, I’m overwhelmed by the Israeli sense of duty to protect the Jewish state that our people have strived to achieve for so many years. While it’s reassuring that people are dedicated to protecting the state, it’s the existence of the IDF and the mandatory military service is a saddening reminder of the endless conflict which plagues the Middle East. As our tour guide Boaz said, Israelis are split on many things like whether to scoop hummus in a circle or a straight line or how to eat creme-bow. However, all Israelis want to see an end to mandatory military service and an end to the fear of the destruction of the state.

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