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Walking through Stone Alleys #JustJewIt #Bus1497

By: Amiel Samson

Tsfat: where do I begin. The long drive from the kibbutz yehiam to one of the 4 holy cities of Israel Tsfat was long but totally worth it. Once you’re in Tsfat you’re just blown away. The old and mystic architecture is a sight to remember. Once you’re in Tsfat the entire atmosphere is different. You can feel the holiness of the city in everything you see.  Right from the Achkenazi synagogue to the market street was something completely unique and different.  It was packed with tourists and shop owners trying to loot us of our money. Just kidding, they’re Jews trying to do business just like all of us.  The story behind the synagogue and the motor shell that fell in the vicinity of the synagogue is something I believe I’ll always remember. The history of the city is something completely different as well. It was certainly interesting and unique. Besides being historical this city is scenic as well in every aspect.

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