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Statements From Hillel at VT and Hokies for Israel

Campus Resources at VT

During this time, it is important to take care of yourself and your mental health. Hillel at Virginia Tech staff are here for you, but additional support is also available:

Cook Counseling Center: 540-231-6557

220 Gilbert Street, Suite 2400

Hokie Wellness: 540-231-6205

Hokie Wellness strives to educate and empower every Hokie to take an active and engaging day-to-day approach to their wellness in order to enjoy a long, healthful, and purpose-filled life.

Timely Care

Timely Care offers 24/7 access to virtual care, self-care, and well-being tools.

Report discrimination and harassment here.

Resources From Laura Disney, LCSW

Laura Disney is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Hillel at VT alumna. Laura is trained in Person-Centered Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Prolonged Exposure, and Cognitive Processing Therapy. She has provided effective individual and group treatment for diagnoses including trauma, mood, psychotic, and personality disorders.

Grounding Techniques

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script

Instagram Post- IsraelWithArky

Hillel at VT's News Suggestions

Hillel at Virginia Tech recommends the following non-exhaustive list of credible news sources to those interested in monitoring events as they unfold:

Times of Israel

The Jerusalem Post

Ynet News (Hebrew)


Community Vigil on October 11th, 2023

From the office of the  Kurtz Family Executive Director, Amanda Herring:

Over 175 students, administration partners, parents, and community members joined us at Hillel at Virginia Tech for a vigil in person and online in memory of lives lost, those wounded, those captured and those missing after Hamas terrorists infiltrated this weekend and the war began. Right before the vigil, President Tim Sands released a letter of solidarity with Israel, condemning the Hamas attacks, and indicating that Burruss Hall would b lit up blue and white to showcase support for Israel.

After hearing memories and stories of friendship and heartbreak, crying together and praying together, we came together to sing Hatikvah, to proudly declare that hope is still alive at these dark times.

For anyone needing community this week, please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff. We are here to support you however that may look for you.

Sample Letter

We know that it can be difficult to focus during a time like this. We have provided a sample letter that you can customize and send to your professors. 

To Professor _____,

In light of the recent outbreak of war in Israel, I am requesting additional time and leniency on classwork at this time. President Sands released a statement condemning the violent terrorist attacks by Hamas against Israel; I am sure that you have seen the horrific reports on the news. My mind and heart are consumed with grief and concern for my (insert here: family, friends, community) in Israel. It is difficult to concentrate on schoolwork while each text, call or news story may bring news of another friend dead, capture, or injured. I cannot predict how long this conflict will last, I know my schoolwork is important, I will get up to date with assignments as soon as I can, and I appreciate your understanding at this time.


Your Name

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