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Day 5: Shabbat in Jerusalem

On Saturday I had the opportunity to have my bat mitzvah with 3 others from birthright. In the morning we learned a section of the Torah and talked about it in a group. During the ceremony we each had the opportunity to give a speech. It was a meaning experience, I'm glad I had the opportunity to have my Bat Mitzvah in Jerusalem. Afterwards we went to the Jerusalem market at night to dance, try arak, and eat.

-Joyce Banks

Day 5 fell on a Shabbat. With the option to sleep in, we all took advantage and met up for lunch at 1 pm. After, we did an exercise where we chose what parts of Judaism makes us Jewish. The most popular choices were connecting with the Jewish community and remembering the history of our people. At 4:30, we gathered for the Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies where our friends shared some sentiments about the trip and their culture. By the end, it was time for dinner and Shabbat was over so we headed to the Shuk to eat and have a fun night out.

-Sarah Piccoli

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