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Howard Feiertag - Hillel at VT Champion and Beloved Board of Director Lived a Life of Hospitality

Howard Feiertag was a well-known veteran in the hospitality industry, and a member of the faculty at Virginia Tech. Howard was also part of Hillel at Virginia Tech's inaugural Board of Directors.

His belief that "one does not really know what something means to them unless they start getting involved in that something" taught about experiential learning even before anyone knew what experiential meant. His philosophy and personal hospitality helped build the warm, welcoming community of Hillel at Virginia Tech's alumni and students.

Howard was our board member, long-time friend, and champion of Hillel at Virginia Tech. He recently passed away in March. May his memory be a blessing. Click the link to hear about Howard's story from an interview with him conducted by Executive Director, Sue Kurtz and her husband, Jeff Kurtz alongside fellow Board Member Becky Fritz-Solomon and her husband, Rob Solomon.

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